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Key Resources
AS9120 resources
Use the following collection of key resources to learn more about the Aerospace AS9120 quality management standard.

For Distributors
Distributors can find out what's involved in getting certified, and in charting a path from developing and documenting an AS9120 quality management system to selecting a registrar, and then becoming certified.

For Manufacturers
Manufacturers of aerospace, military or other high reliability products can use these resources to clarify the benefits of sourcing through AS9120 distributors and better understand the risks when sourcing through distributors who are not AS9120 certified. Learn how to easily identify top AS9120 companies, and how to easily check any distributor's AS9120 certification status or view detailed results of their most recent audit.

What's involved in adopting the AS9120 standard?
View a sample AS9120 Quality Manual
The AS9120 standard is a comprehensive, systematized approach to standardizing and documenting all the important processes in a distributor's business.  The best way to see what's really involved is to look over an actual AS9120 quality manual.  One seller of plan templates, www.quality-plan.com gives you full access to all the documents that should be included in a quality management system, including every part of an AS9120 Quality Manual.  (See caution below in "Developing your AS9120 QMS".)

Get an idea of the cost
www.quality-plan.com also has a page showing typical costs you can expect, which can be viewed here.

Note: ESCS does not necissarily endorse use of the QMS documents provided by quality-plan.com.

Get a copy of the AS9120 standard
SAE International
SAE International Support the organization that developed and maintains the AS9120 standard, SAE InternationalBecome a member and get a discounted rate when you order your copy of the AS9120 standard.

Developing your AS9120 QMS
Distributors serious about adopting the AS9120 standard should seek competent professional assistance in developing their AS9120 QMS.  Putting your company logo on boilerplate QMS documentation might  let you get certified; but it won't likely create the paradigm shift needed in your organization to perform effectively to the standard.

Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. does not endorse any particular company providing consulting services to assist in adopting the AS9120 standard.  The following list is provided as a starting point for your own assessment of available certifying partners, and is not intended to be comprehensive, or to indicate any preference over companies not listed here.  Some of these companies can also be engaged as your registrar.  (See below section, "Getting AS9120 Certified".)

  • BSI America - www.bsiamerica.com
  • QMI - SAI Global - www.qmi.com/registration/aerospace/as9120/

  • Getting AS9120 Certified
    International Standards Organization (ISO) - www.iso.org
    The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board (ANAB) certifies all registrars.  To find a registrar, you can do a search on their site by clicking the "Directory" link on their main page.  Another reference listing registrars can be found at www.qualitydigest.com/pdfs/isoreg.pdf.
    View any AS9120 certification

    Did you know you can quickly check any distributor's AS9120 Aerospace certification status?  Simply create a login to access the OASIS database of all Aerospace certifications.

    Important update:  As of October, 2008, the IAQG can display the detailed results for any company's most recent audit on OASIS; but the company must authorize IAQG to display it.  Require your distributors to make their audit details visible on the OASIS database.

    Useful tip:  Use the OASIS "Manage Watch List" function to automatically track any changes to your approved distributors' certifications.